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It was not possible and is now exclusively available to BOHT clients. Our suppliers will custom brand your products and ship them out to your customers, all with custom branding.

It's an innovation in the supply business that took a decade to appear: custom branded drop-shipped products.

We'll go over 2 main things in this article: how custom branded products give your business the edge in the market and how BOHT suppliers exclusivity tightens control over the market.


Custom branded products have been the wishes of drop shippers for the last decade...

Now that they're here, you can take advantage of custom branding and experience how your sales jump! There are several obstacles new e-commerce stores face when they start out:

  • Market competition.

  • Cut throat margins

  • Earning customer trust

  • Creating a brand movement

  • Creating brand loyalty

  • Building brand awareness


It's NOT about beating every other seller, it's all about branding.

So.. what's the solution to overcome market competition? Don't compete at all.

Don't be just another online site that sells something that can be found on AMAZON. Great brands CATER to a specific person, a person who'll land on your homepage and say "THIS IS ME". You don't need to (and shouldn't) target everyone, that's a born failure. Target a specific group of people, and build your entire brand around that group. That's how you beat competition, you don't compete.


We sort of touched on this earlier, when your business is brand based on not product-centric, you're no longer competing for the best product or the cheapest prices, therefore you can charge more! Up-sell! Sell at a premium! With custom branded products and premium quality products (USA based, and each product is tested!) . Selling products at a higher cost doesn't always turn away potential customers, in fact, some customers WANT premium products, amazing service and show loyalty to a brand that follows the same values they do.


Custom branded products, with professional photography, and models using the products - that's probably one of the best ways to capture attention, look professional and earn your customer's trust.

Plus, you can differentiate yourself from the rest! By being able to custom brand products and packages you are able to extend your brand into your customer's home and offer them an unboxing experience like never before! It's also a VERY good way to boost social media presence! When you include a "tag us in an unboxing picture on instagram for $5 off!" you can BET your social media presence will boom! (Actually it's already been done and the results are amazinggggg :)


When it comes to building a brand, you NEED to have a movement that customers can rally behind, this movement needs to reflect on your product branding...

Imagine a brand that advertises being 100% eco-friendly, and making efforts to save the forests and the environment. They have a blog of efforts they are making to go green and save the planet. You like what they are doing and so you try to give it a go....

3 weeks later you receive a package that looks like...

Not a pretty picture, and obviously NOT from a brand that advertises it loves being eco-friendly.

With USA based custom branded packaging you can emphasize what your brand stands for. You can be confident in your stance and that your customers will be able to relate. Going eco-friendly? Let BOHT know and we'll use eco-friendly boxes/pouches, ink and shipping packages. They'll also include notes in the package on how much being eco-friendly means to your brand! It's another moment where your customer can exclaim "THIS IS ME!" and fall in love with your brand all over again! 


Give your customer a surprise! Include a sample of another product in your box! Maybe a different flavor organic tea pouch? A sample of new dog treats? Your customers will LOVE you for that!

Creating brand loyalty drips into social media as well! Going above and beyond will get your reviews all over the internet, boost your SEO and site ranking, draw in new customers, grow your social media and open new opportunities for you to grow and expand! 


If you've been following along the last few paragraphs it'll seem pretty apparent how you build brand loyalty. By dedicating your business to your brand, and in turn creating a business that resonates and reflects the interests of your customers. By extending yourself into their home with your packaging, by upholding your brand values, by including little gifts, by including gift cards, by interacting with packaging on social media.....

Everything your brand does has an effect on your customer and audience. If it's something that resonates with them, they'll be more interested, more compelled and thus more likely to not just buy once, but to come in again and again and share with others.

To shed some light on building an amazing shopping experience!



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Kentuan Banks

I would like to set up custom apparel

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Linward Hope

How do I create my custom branding

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KaRonn Webster

how do I get custom branding products and delivery or does it come that way with my purchase

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